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Brad Weston

Brad Weston

Vice President/General Manager

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Team Member Q&A

What is your favorite quote?
I’ve got a new one: “When going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill

What place would you like to visit that you have not seen?
Italy. Great old tradition, great old buildings, great old wine.

If you could do anything that you wanted what would you do?
Professional golfer, Playing golf, flying around the world, if you want time off you just skip a tournament, and you can be out of shape and make a great living. Oh you can play only in warm places.

Where is your “happy place”?
My “man cave”. Big couch, big TV, big open bar!

If you were a “roadie” for a band what band would you travel with?
Grateful Dead. No matter what you look or sound like you will look like a member of the band.

What word or phrase is so over used it drives you up a wall?
“Welcome to my world”

What is your favorite food? Why?
Pizza, Hot or cold always great. If you drop it on the floor you can still eat it. Except on dirt it makes it crunchie.

What movie have you seen the most amount of times? How many times have you seen it?
Blazing Saddles, I’ve seen it at least 20 times

What is your dream car and why?
65 Mustang convertible. Best looking car in the world and a 70’s “chick magnet”